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Indigo Aire Spa - 30 Minutes in Infrared Sauna

Indigo Aire Spa - 30 Minutes in Infrared Sauna

$ 20.00 $ 30.00

Certificate good for 30 minutes in Indigo Aire Spa's Infrared Sauna!

- This is the safest heat of any sauna
- Admits infrared light radiant heat, a dry heat that's absorbed by your skin
- Uses infrared technology to reverse body temperature and get it to the body's level
- Good for detox & known for healing properties
- Warms the body without warming the air inside
- Mimics infrared frequencies admitted by the sun
- Helps flush toxins from your liver, kidneys & hair
- Aids in weight loss, pain & stress reduction & helps with inflammation
- Once you order you order your certificate call 434-841-2359 to reserve your experience